Inset stones or magnets could fall out. That's why we recommend that jewellery be removed before showering, swimming or doing wet housework. Hairsprays, perfumes, deodorants and washing liquids and powders could also damage your jewellery.

Please note that water may be harmful to your jewellery. The best way to clean jewellery is by using our polishing cloths (Art. No. PP119).

When putting on your copper bangle, first open it slightly by pulling evenly on it close to both the ends. Then slide it over the narrowest point of your wrist and turn it by 90° to position the opening under the wrist. Now press the two ends together until it feels comfortable – just like a watch.

Few side effects have been noticed in the past but sometimes people do feel a little queasy at first. This usually passes quite quickly, however.

Our neodymium magnets are extremely long-lasting. Neodymium only loses around 1% of its power over 100 years. Unless otherwise indicated, each item of jewellery possesses one or more neodymium magnets, usually with a strength of approx. 0.12 tesla. The strength of the magnetic field is measured in tesla or gauss. One tesla is the equivalent of 10,000 gauss whereby gauss indicates the number of magnetic field lines flowing through one square centimetre of area.

Magnetic jewellery does not need to be worn 24 hours a day. It is sufficient if you wear it during the day or evening.

No. You can wear your bracelet loosely on your wrist.

People with pacemakers and other electronic devices should not wear magnets. We also advise pregnant women to consult their doctors before wearing magnets.

Magnets can damage credit cards and other magnetic cards. Please keep cards away from your magnetic jewellery and accessories.

Special technology protects ENERGETIX MagnetTime watches from any effect of the integrated magnets. The watch should, however, not be exposed to other magnetic fields such as those of magnetic jewellery or loudspeakers. This applies not only when the watch is worn but also during storage and transport. Watches of other manufacturers can also be affected by magnets. You should contact the manufacturer to find out the magnetic sensitivity of the product in question.

Some people's wrists may turn slightly green as a result of the natural reaction between the acid in the skin and the copper. This discoloration may be easily removed with soap and water or a little lemon juice. Many ENERGETIX products are not made of copper as some people do not like or want the additional copper in their bodies. It is also not possible to realise all designs in copper for technical reasons. If you do not wish the copper to have an effect, you can apply a coat of transparent nail varnish to the entire inside surface of the copper bracelet. Some copper articles already possess a protective coating to prevent oxidation. This coating may be easily removed to allow the copper to develop its effect. Discoloration of the copper itself may be easily removed with lemon juice or steel polish. The copper may cause staining on items of clothing.

The jewellery is made from stainless steel or it possesses high-quality gold- or rhodium-plating. The collection is hypoallergenic.

XS = 13-14 cm wrist circumference
S = 14-15 cm wrist circumference
M = 15-16 cm wrist circumference
L = 16-18 cm wrist circumference
XL = 18-20 cm wrist circumference
XXL = 20-22 cm wrist circumference

Bracelets in the Collect series are a little larger to provide sufficient space for the beads that may be attached to them. The method of determining their sizes, however, is identical to that used for other bracelets.

Children's bracelets:
Approx. 15.5 cm long (may be shortened as desired)

The size stated for rings is the diameter, e.g. a ring with size 18, for example, has an inner diameter of 18 mm. You'll find templates with all ring sizes at the end of the price list that comes with our main catalogue; you may use these to measure your ring and determine the correct size.

S = 38 cm, M = 42 cm, L = 45 cm, XL = 50 cm, XXL = 60 cm, XXXL = 70 cm, XXXXL = 90 cm

Our ankle chains possess an extension. They may be adjusted from 240 to 275 mm when no size has been stated. Size M-L corresponds to a length of 230-265 mm, XL-XXL to 270-310 mm.